Humboldt Kolleg Satellite - January 4- January 5 

Sunday, January 5

12:00 – 13:30 Poster set-up for Poster Session A+B
13:30-14:15 First Swift Poster Presentation Session
14:15-14:45 Light stand-up lunch
14:45-16:00 Poster Session A- presenters stand by their posters (Canaan Hall)   
16:00-17:15 Poster Session B- presenters stand by their posters (Canaan Hall)  

 Sunday, January 5   17:15 - 19:15

A1 Mechanisms of circuit assembly and connectomics - Ithai Rabinowitch & Meital Oren
A2 Active sensing - Ehud Ahissar
A3 Novel MRI approaches in brain structural and functional mapping - Rita Schmidt & Itamar Kahn
A4 Neuroimmunology - Danny Frenkel & Asya Rolls
A5 Multisensory processing and neuroplasticity across the lifespan - Amir Amedi & Daniel Chebat
A6 Protein folding and quality control in neurodegeneration - Hagit Eldar-Finkelman & Ohad Cohen

19:15-20:30 Dinner (Makeda Hall)
20:30- 21:00 Opening Ceremony  
  * Announcement of the 2020 ISFN Honorary Member  - Michal Schwartz
  * Announcement of the 2020 Best Mentor Prize  - Hagai Bergman

21:00-22:00  Plenary lecture - Michal Schwartz

Monday, January 6   08:30 - 10:30

B1 Decision making and - Tom Schonberg + yossi yovel    
B2 Mitochondria in the CNS in health and disease         reward across taxa - Dorit Ben-shahar & Galila Agam
B3 Model-based and statistical approaches to the analysis of neural data" - Omri Barak &  Alon Rubin
B4 Brain mechanisms underlying emotional behavior (A France-Israel symposium) - Carole Levenes & David Hansel
B5 Regulatory mechanisms of the glutamatergic synapse in health and disease - Yael Stern-Bach & Herman Wolosker

10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:00 Plenary Lecture - Catherine Dulac
12:15-13:00 Second Swift Poster Presentation Session
13:00-14:15 Poster Session C(Canaan Hall)
14:00-15:00 Light stand-up Lunch (Lobby)
14:15-15:30 Poster Session D(Canaan Hall)  
13:15-14:30 High school students meeting with honorary member

Monday, January 6   15:30- 17:30
C1 Epigenetics of  cognitive functions - Edi Barkai & Noam Meiri
C2 Context dependent perception and decision making - Rafi Haddad & Adam Zaidel
C3 Mechanisms of neuromodulation in sensory systems - Mickey London
C4 Transcriptional regulation in neurons - Ivo Spiegel
C5 Learning and decision making in neural circuits - Eran Lottem & Rony Paz
C6 Living in a group: from individuality to collective behavior - Galit Shohat-Ofir & Oren Forkosh

17:45-18:45 Plenary Lecture- Michael Hausser
18:45-19:30  ISFN General Assembly Business Meeting–Regular and emeritus members only –
19:30- 21:00  Dinner  
21:00-22:00 Party
                           Announcement of Poster Competition Winners- Moderator –Rami Yaka

Tuesday, January 7    08:30- 10:30

D1 Imaging large populations of neurons - Pablo Blinder & Yaniv Ziv
D2 Processes of chemical sensing - Moshe Parnas & Dan Rokni 
D3 The Heralds of Somatic Sensation: physiology and plasticity of primary sensory neurons - Alex Binshtok
D4 Neurodegeneration - Inna Slutsky & Naomi Habib & Orly Reiner
D5 Do brains compute? - Orly Shenker

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:45 Plenary Lecture - Bart De Strooper

Tuesday, January 7   11:45- 13:45

E1 Mechanisms of social behavior in health and disease - Shlomo Wagner and Avi Avital
E2 Biology of the synapse - Danny Gittler & Noam Ziv
E3 Visual Processing - Shai Sabbah & Hamutal Slovin
E4 Sensory representations and decisions in basal ganglia circuits - Josh Goldberg & Hagai Bergman

Tuesday, January 7   13:45
Closing remarks